NOTE: Ghanamart is not affiliated with any orphanage at this time, neither do we endorse any. Scammers still use orphanages as baits to scam foreigners. Please do your due diligence to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate organization.

Ghanamart is committed to the fight againt cyber fraud. While the service exists to serve a legitimate need for people abroad wanting to supplement the need of loved ones in Ghana, cyber fraudsters and scammers have found a way to bait unknowing victims. At the end of the day use common sense and your instincts. Watch out for these common scams.

  • You met this blonde white lady on a dating site, she tells you she is in Ghana and has been in Ghana for a couple of years now. She either came here with her Dad, and Dad is no more or she is here alone. Basically she wants you to buy her grocery, she can't go pick up the items and wants you to send items in her Uncle's name. There are various variations of this story, but bottom line is that you are being scammed. The picture is a fake, and make sure you don't fall for what you saw on webcam. It is a recorded webcam video that was downloaded online.

  • You met this white man online, he is either an American or from some European country. He is in Ghana on business and is unable to use his credit card. There are various variations of this story, he may even be in Ghana doing charity work and wants you to shop for him online. He is so busy he won't be able to pick up the items and wants his driver to go pick the items up for him. You are being scammed, once again forget about the fact that you think you saw him on webcam. The picture is a fake, the webcam is a fake.

  • You met a guy online, he tells you he is an American fighting in Afghanistan or currently in Iraq. He has a son in Ghana and wants to send him some food. Due to high security, he cannot or is prohibited from using his credit card from base, and wants you to do some shopping for his son. He sends you pictures of someone actually at some army base. Don't do it, you are being scammed.

  • You met this gorgeous lady online, she doesn't ask you for anything for a while. You chat with her for about a month, she even does some strip tease for you on webcam. You are happy you found someone who is not just looking for money. After gaining your trust, she tells you to shop for her online. Chances are you were being baited, and she is scamming you. The webcam may have just been a pre-recorded downloaded video of some porn star online.

  • You met a guy or lady online, you have been chatting with them for a while. He/she is white, and even scanned a copy of her passport with her photo on for you to see. Don't fall for it, it is called photoshop. She wants you to shop for her and eventually help her come to US. She even scans a page in her passport containing a valid visa. You are dealing with a scammer, don't spend anything on him/her.

  • Hospitals in Ghana don't take grocery as payment for treatment. Someone tells you they need grocery to go settle a bill at the hospital/clinic is definitely trying to scam you, please don't fall for it.

  • If anyone asks to ship electronics to you so you intend forward it to them in Ghana you are 100% dealing with a scammer. You are an unknowing probably unwilling pawn in a credit card fraud scheme. This person has in his/her possession a stolen credit card and he/she need a legitimate US address to ship these stolen goods to. Of course, once the items have been shipped to a legitimate address you will be asked to ship it to Ghana. First of all reject all such requests, if you already have such items in your possession please return to the shop that shipped it.

    The story goes on and on, we are not saying anyone you meet online is a scammer. However, it is up to you to use common sense and trust your instincts. Names like Yaw, Kojo, Kwame, Kofi, Issaka, Abdul, Yakubu, Ibrahim etc are male names. No lady in Ghana is named Agyei Francis, the scammer just gave you their last name first such that they can use their ID. If for any reason you suspect you are being scammed, you most likely are being scammed.

    Ghanaians are friendly, kind and peace loving people. However a few unscrupolous individuals have taken to cyber fraud tarnishing the image of we Ghanaians. In the end, if you are a foreigner and you meet someone online please do your due diligence before before becoming a victim. Use common sense, anyone can be anyone online. We have a country of peace loving and law abiding citizens, don't let the few take advantage of you. Check the video below out and stay cautious. We invite all to visit and experience what we call the great Ghanaian hospitality.

    BOTTOM LINE: You are probably being scammed if you have not met the person, period !!!

    Feel free to call us toll free at +1(800)516-5734 or email customerservice[at]ghanamart[dot]com for more information if you feel you are dealing with someone who may be a scammer.
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